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Work with our team to get into the college of your dreams. Our college placement services are designed to help a wide variety of students.

students graduating – college placement servicesStudent Profile

Meet with Parents and Students to discuss:

  • An Overview of the College Admissions Process
  • The Student's Interests Inside and Outside the Classroom
  • The Student and Parent Questionnaires
  • The School Transcript and Testing Reports
  • Activities, Athletic and Art Achievements at and away from School
  • Leadership Positions and Areas of Expertise
  • Student Hopes, Aspirations and Sense of Purpose for College
  • Summer Activities and Summer Plans
  • Meeting with The School College Counselor
  • Prepare the Student Profile



Explain the College Admissions Process

  • The Common Application and Specific College Applications
  • Regular and Early Application Options and Deadlines
  • The Personal Statement or Essay
  • Required Application Supplements
  • Testing Requirements and Options for the ACT, SAT I, SAT II, and TOEFL
  • Suggested College Guides
  • The College Planning Calendar
  • Enhancement Programs
  • Realistic Goals and Expectations
  • Define Student College Priorities
  • The Dynamic College List
  • The Student's Application Matrix
  • The College Strategy, Schedule and Plan
  • The Student's Summer Plan
  • College Visits and Interviews
  • How to Evaluate Colleges
  • Student's Relationship with his/her College Counselor 
  • School Recommendations
  • College Costs and Financial Aid


The Admissions Plan

  • Review the Student Profile
  • Define the Student's Interests for College
  • Review the Competition for College Admission
  • Establish Goals for GPA and Testing
  • Discuss the Student's Admissions Strategy and Schedule
  • Present the Student's Monthly Calendar
  • Develop the Student's Admission Plan
  • Keep the College Matrix Updated


The College List

  • Start with 30%, 50% and 70% colleges
  • Location, Size, Deadlines, Testing Data, Academic Programs



  • Develop a Comprehensive Testing Program
  • Tutoring and Testing Goals
  • Decide what Tests to Take
  • Agree on Student Test Dates


College Visits and Interviews

  • Assist in Planning College visits: Dates, Travel, Scheduling
  • Prepare Students for College Visits and Interviews
  • Provide a College Comparison Chart
  • Debrief students after college visits



  • Provide Guidance for The Common Application and other Specific College Applications
  • Provide Guidance for the Personal essay and other specific College Supplements
  • Update the College Matrix and Plan for Deadline


Final Decision

  • Review list of College Acceptances
  • Discuss Wait List Options
  • Provide Guidance for Final Decision



Additional Services*

  • Guardian Services
  • SAT and ACT Tutoring
  • TOEFL Tutoring
  • School Placement
  • Gap Year Placement
  • Summer Placement
  • School Visit Planning
  • College Visit Planning
  • Travel Services
  • Health and Travel Insurance
  • Airport Pick-up and Return
  • Vacation Planning


*These services are offered at an additional cost. Contact Education First for Pricing.

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